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EyeOnMe Journey So Far

We all started somewhere. When we look at the work of the great artists in history, it is easy to say "I can never accomplish that level of work" but we often forget that they were standing in our same shoes when they first started.

Her journey to becoming an artist began in 2010. She as a kid always saw things so differently. She oftenly hear things such as "hey, you got a good eye, kid. You should consider doing this as your profession. I think you've got a future in it". After hearing that, she gave a thought on it and started doing some clicks and that clicked for her. From that point on, she decided that she wanted to do more work with the Camera for most part of her life.

Before Astha picked up a camera, she was very shy and timid. It was the camera that always thrilled her about things around her.

She realized that situations may require certain risk, but sometimes the risk is not the end. There are rewards for stepping outside ones comfort zone. Oftenly, those rewards are priceless.

Her belief is "Capturing moments from Today...... Creating memories for a lifetime".

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